The Company

We are Austin Global Pty Ltd; a privately owned Australian company first formed in 2011 in the Garden State of Victoria. The company was created to bring the best pet supplies together in one place allowing loyal customers to purchase in the comfort of their own homes. The company flagship product is it’s PetsAreMe brand probiotics for cats and dogs manufactured in the U.S.A.

The founder, Sally C Austin, is a Maltese owner, conformation show competitor and breeder since 1975 and is currently the Hon. Secretary of the Maltese Club of Victoria, Inc.; the last specialist Maltese breed club in Australia.

Healthy Pets – Happy Owners

Are you looking to improve your pets general health and well-being?  Does he/she have a less-than-acceptable state of health related to digestive problems? Do you want an online retailer that values you as a customer and carries products in stock and ready to ship?

Shop at PetsAreMe today and we 100% guarantee our probiotic products will improve your pets overall health, coat appearance and skin condition or we’ll give you your money back. PetsAreMe specialises in and offers quality, dependable products designed to keep your pet healthy.

PetsAreMe Mission

Serving the needs of pet owners around the world, PetsAreMe is a customer-centric company focused on offering quality products and friendly service every time you visit our store.  As one of the leading suppliers of quality pet-related probiotic products, we have made it our mission to continue improving our recipes and employing the latest innovative products our customers want at the affordable prices they need.  Shop with us today and experience the PetsAreMe difference for yourself.

Why Choose PetsAreMe?

PetsAreMe offers quality pet-related products at reasonable, everyday prices.  Our premier product line, PetsAreMe Probiotics Powder for Cats and Dogs, is a product we are so very proud of as our customer base continue to report excellent and timely results using our powder every day.

We stand behind all our products with our no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. Simply return your purchase to us within 30 days from receipt and we’ll give you a full refund – return shipping cost at buyer’s expense. Contact us to discuss the best way forward – we are always here for you.

Before, during and after every sale, the PetsAreMe team will be there to guide you and to help you with any questions or concerns you may have from time to time. Contact us and we will respond immediately with the answers and/or guidance you need. Our growing list of satisfied customers can’t be wrong; PetsAreMe is the number one source for quality pet-related products at affordable prices and knowledgeable service.  Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a customer for life.


Here at Pets Are Me, we maintain a strong philanthropic stance. We strongly believe in exercising our corporate powers in an exemplary way.

Pets Are Me has chosen to support three different charities for three very different reasons.  By donating a percentage of all sales to these foundations, we can contribute in a real way so we make the world a better place; one step at a time.

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